I treat every individual according to their needs, so the program I devise for you will be tailored specifically to your requirements.

That said, there are some general indicators I can give you as to what to expect from your appointment and/or a course of treatment.

I will begin by asking you to complete a questionnaire assessing your present diet, any health-related symptoms and your family medical history. We will then review this together during your first 60-minute appointment, looking at any physical, mental and/or environmental stress in order to build up a detailed picture of your health, lifestyle and what you would like to achieve. We will also review any past treatments, medical interventions, prescription medications or supplements.

Employing nutritional and naturopathic techniques & strategies, I will then create a nutritional program specifically designed to assist you in achieving your health & wellness goals.

While changes to food, eating habits and lifestyle are likely to be advised, these changes will neither be impossible or painful but carefully designed around you and what works for you from day-to-day. Naturopathic techniques might include restorative and energising activities such as therapeutic vegetable juicing, specific relaxation techniques, lifestyle suggestions and exercise recommendations. I may also use supplements, herbs and general body balancing techniques where necessary.

After the first appointment I see a patient once a month. This may extend to every 6 weeks or every 2 months depending on the situation. Some people only need one visit, others more.

A note on supplements:

Nutritional supplements such as glutamine, probiotics, glucosamine and lycopene etc. can assist the body in repairing itself. Supplements are building blocks for the body to use and can be tools to help combat stress. The efficacious use of such supplements is based on your specific biochemistry and a detailed understanding of how to use them is part of an approved nutritionist’s training. If supplements are suggested be reassured I have had extensive experience in prescribing them. Any pharmaceutical drugs that are being used will be taken carefully into account.