Naturopathy is a revival of holistic medical practice in which the wellbeing of the patient is encouraged through a range of natural medical interventions including first and foremost diet, but also including medicinal herbs, hydrotherapy, homeopathy and body work.

Naturopathy follows similar precepts to nutritional therapy but can take the healing process further.

Nutritional advice and naturopathic techniques can support and complement conventional treatment of disease.

The principles of Naturopathy

•    First do no harm.  Inappropriate meddlesome interference can do more harm than good. Avoid supressing the body`s ability to mount a defense to illnees.

•    Doctor as teacher. I am not a healer; I teach people how to follow a way of life that should keep them healthy for the rest of their lives. I give them the tools to use to maintain good health.

•    Prevention rather than cure. I work with the patient to help set goals towards a lifestyle that is health-promoting. This will possibly mean changes in diet, environment or exercise routines.

•    Treat the whole person. Health and disease are influenced by a multiplicity of factors including heredity, environment, climatic, nutritional, social and emotional.

•    Identify the cause. Treat the person not the disease.  Disease is multifactorial in its causation and the cause needs to be identified and addressed. Treating symptoms, without being aware of the cause, may suppress and/or exacerbate the disease.

•    The healing power of nature. The human body’s normal state is balanced health. Your body wants to be healthy. If you give it a chance by alleviating some of the many burdens of modern life it will respond.

•    Caveat emptor. Each individual must take ownership and personal responsibility for the maintenance of his or her mind, body and environment.  No helper, doctor or therapist can do the job for us.

A Naturopathic lifestyle

Our level of wellness is related to how we live - by choice or otherwise - and by our environment and out attitudes. Small, low-impact and affordable changes to lifestyle can make a big difference to our health. The nutritional & naturopathic techniques and strategies that I offer my clients help to unlock the self-healing capabilities of the human body, actively removing obstacles to healing and assisting us in a return to wellness. Essentially the human organism`s natural state is wellness. 


Naturopathy is non-toxic, non-invasive and non-violent.