Tummy Troubles?

If you aren't getting the nutrients from your food you can get strange little symptoms or even nasty big symptoms.
Stress plays a huge part in tummy problems.  Our gut feelings. We get butterflies in our tummies, sick with worry.

Scientists have found a link between the brain and the gut.  

Stressful meal times can cause havoc; eating too quickly, not chewing food, over eating & weight gain, binge eating.

There can be many reasons digestion is a problem. Wrong foods, acid indigestion, inability to break down the food you eat, heartburn, liverish symptoms constipation or just the reverse?

If you can`t digest, you can get allergies, to anything. Just giving up a specific food won`t get rid of allergies if there is an underlying problem.

Nutrition and Naturopathy are the perfect methods to solve problems with digestion. We always start with getting the digestion working properly for any health problems. When someone needs help with arthritis, heart disease, weight loss, cancer, hormonal problems especially.

The gut is connected to almost every system in the body. If you have gut problems you may have troubles elsewhere.