Reducing sugar in canned and bottled drinks healthier? Read on.......

Jamie Oliver has run a successful campaign to tax sugary drinks. Little did we think the manufacturers would replace sugar with unhealthy chemical sugar subsititutes.

Unfortunately the sugar in many of these products is being replaced with the unhealthy sugar substitutes SACCHERINE, ASPARTAME AND SUCRALOSE.

 These chemicals, and they are chemicals, affect blood sugar response and can cause allergies in susceptible people. Sucralose, when consumed in sugary drinks, caused a significantly higher blood sugar spike requiring 20% higher insulin release in the blood. This leads to insulin resistance implicating sucralose in diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity.

Sucralose is not digested in the small intestine, but goes into the large intestine. Once there it interferes with gut microflora, inducing glucose intolerance by altering gut flora.

When artificial sweeteners were introduced the rates of Inflammatory Bowel Disease increased. When sucralose was introduced in Canada incidents of IBD doubled, and in China IBD increased 12 fold. Why? because they disrupted  gut microflora.

90% of INDEPENDENT studies ( not studies done by industries selling the product) found that Aspartame can create health problems in susceptible people.

Xylitol and stevia are available as sugar substitutes. They are considered safe. They both come from natural sources. More importantly try cutting down on sugar. If you cut it out entirely you will find you loose a taste for it. Admittedly this is hard to do but worth the experiment!