Sugar, an addiction


Let’s admit it- we are a sugar-craving world.  And yet sugar is possibly the worst `food` you can over eat - if you can call it a food.

Don’t believe anyone who says we need sugar.  Carbohydrates (starchy foods) are changed into sugar by our bodies.  We get sugar from carbs; we don’t need it from sweet foods using refined white sugar.

This is what happens:

Too much sugar and refined carbohydrates produce too much glucose in the blood, and this causes an over production of insulin, leading to something called insulin resistance.  Basically, due to overconsumption of sugar, alcohol and refined carbohydrates, the body produces insulin again and again - so much so that the cells end up not responding to increased levels of insulin because they are constantly being bombarded by insulin. This causes a break down in the body’s ability to control blood sugar levels – this is the definition of diabetes, the inability to break down sugar.


The simple secret is to eat as little sugar as possible. Read your labels for hidden sugars (now called free sugars); see the list below. Find the healthiest sources of sugar. It’s important to remember even if a product is being touted as healthy such as maple syrup, agave syrup or honey these are still sugars and will still affect insulin levels. 


When reading labels these are sugar:







Corn syrup


Please watch Jamie Oliver`s“Sugar Rush” on Channel 4 catch up.

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